Trinity Youth

11s to 18s at Trinity Churches

Trinity Youth exists to help young people navigate the undulations of life through ‘growing faith, proclaiming hope and living the love of Jesus’.

You will find a list of our regular activities below, but Trinity Youth encompasses a vast array of activities and ministry. Including discipleship triplets; Instagram content; detached youth work; one off events; residentials; all age ministry such as Sport Sundays; and serving with Soul Purpose (a local inter-church social action project). Whatever we do, we seek to belong as part of the wider church family and speak directly into the life situations of young people in the places they find themselves most often. You will find links (and sign up pages) to some of our upcoming events and activities near the bottom of the page.

All-age service

On the First Sunday of every month (except December) we have our All-Age, all together services. Or sometimes we have an ‘Upside Down’ Sunday where, instead of young people and children being sent out to groups adults are sent out too!


We run on the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th Sundays of the month. In Pathfinders we have come to expect, some exciting games, practical bible study using a variety of media! Join us in the Fiwila room after the gathered start in the main church building.


Anon runs on the 2nd and 3rd Sundays of the month. We encourage Anon members to find a place to get involved in serving the church on the other Sundays – some young people like to help with Creche, childrens’ groups, coffee after the service, projection, as well as a host of other opportunities. In Anon group sessions we often cover the same topics as the adults, or we choose a topic series that is more specifically aimed at young people.

Youth Life Groups

We aim to create space for people to gather in a homely environment, pray for one another – discuss where God is at work in the world around us, in our places of influence and in our personal lives. We also make room for relationships to grow through organising some great social activities.

Other youth events and activities coming up

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