2017 Updating the Electoral Roll

2017 Updating the Electoral Roll

We’ve been thinking about “God’s amazing family ” for the last few months as a church. God’s call to us to be living life together, learning and growing in God together, and inviting others to become part of this family more fully.

One of the things about family life is looking out for each other, and this gets a whole lot easier if we find ways of communicating and keeping in touch. One of the ways we do this is with the “electoral roll”. This is a way of saying “I belong” to the life of the church, as well as opening up ways to get involved in supporting and serving each other across Trinity Churches.

The bottom line is this. If you attend Trinity Churches regularly, and would like to declare and grow in your commitment to God’s work here, then we’d love to invite you to join the electoral roll.

If you’ve already joined the roll in previous years then there’s no need to join again… and if you’re not sure whether your name is on then contact William Small, acting Electoral Roll Officer, at the Church Office. Meanwhile there are all sorts of legal complexities to electoral rolls, which you can read the smallprint here!

Download electoral roll form

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