3 weeks in Ghana

Guest post from Hannah Best and Lucy Kirby on their recent mission trip.

In August 2019, we spent 3 weeks in Ghana. We decided to go so that we could volunteer in an orphanage and experience a different culture. Whilst we were there, we had the opportunity to work with children and adults with special needs from the age of 8 months to 40 years, and to explore the country (including seeing elephants on a safari, going on a canopy walk and having surfing lessons). The most rewarding part was seeing the children with additional needs (who appeared to receive limited attention) grow in confidence and having fun in the sensory room which we paid to replace the lock for.

Take a look at their summary video below. To view it on Youtube please click here.

Our low points were struggling with the different attitudes to disability and how that manifested in the treatment of the children, being ill (in Hannah’s case!) and saying goodbye. It was interesting to see how integral religion is to ordinary life in Ghana, and to learn about other volunteers’ beliefs. We loved our time there and miss lots about the country, from the people being so welcoming, to the fresh pineapple we had with every meal. Though it was hard to see the levels of poverty, we had an amazing time and are both planning to go back! We’d like to thank the church for helping to fund our trip, and for all the support, especially from Emily and Craig. If you have any questions about our time in Ghana, feel free to ask us!

Hannah Best and Lucy Kirby





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