A new job for Charlotte Gompertz

A new job for Charlotte Gompertz

We’re delighted to announce that Charlotte Gompertz is going to be the new vicar of Shelton and Oxon in Shrewsbury – the next door parish to Meole Brace.

This was announced at services across the parish yesterday, as well as at Oxon Church. Charlotte will remain in the parish for the next three months or so, and probably move at the end of October and be licensed at some stage in November.

Charlotte writes “You have encouraged me, loved me, and been such a blessing as you have allowed me to learn on the job. We as a family have found a home here in Shrewsbury, but curacy being as it is we knew our time here wouldn’t last forever. So it is with much excitement, trepidation and not without some sadness that I have been invited to take up this role.

This is obviously a whole mixture of sad news, and really great news. “Sad” because many of us will miss Charlotte’s ministry and leadership in the parish here. But “great” because she’ll remain very much part of Shrewsbury church life, and her family will continue these next years in the town here.

There will of course be many different ways of saying “goodbye” to the Gompertz family as their leaving draws nearer. Do please be praying for them. And they’re already on the lookout for people handy with a paintbrush to help out with their new house!


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