A “towering blend” of maths and poetry

A "towering blend" of maths and poetry

Look up and down the people who belong at church and you’ll be amazed at some of the gifts and talents around. From master bakers to dress makers, top-class surgeons to computer wizzkids, rugby stars to cappuccino kings and queens, it’s lovely to see how people with such a variety of gifts can share their greatest passion – following Christ – together.

One such person is Michael Carding, who has recently published a book of poetry. He will be launching his recently published collection, SHAPELY LINES, at Shrewsbury Library on Saturday 19th January from 11am to 2pm.

This eclectic collection is sub-titled Poetry & Pattern. The poet is a mathematician and claims that his poetry has been “nurtured in the fertile bed of pattern”. There are nursery rhymes, riddles, sonnets and poems full of Eastern promise. The book begins with “starting line”, ends with “finishing line” and has eight other line sections in between. One of these is “Cross Lines” where Michael explores his faith and includes a tribute to Stephen Hawking. A Brief History in Rhyme was previously published by the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications.

The library launch is an informal drop-in to introduce the poetry and meet the poet.


Kindness and Justice, Forgiveness and Love,

In Earth as on Heaven, below as above.

Never despair, it’s a message of hope:

God’s biblical thread, like an infinite rope.

David to Jesus, before and beyond,

Omega and Alpha, eternity bond.

on the seventh line He rested

                        to search for a rhyme

Majesty, Power and Love throughout time.


Inspired by the Life Group                       November 2015.


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