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Find out more about us, our story, our faith and our buildings.

We are a thriving community of Christians in Shrewsbury made up of Holy Trinity Meole Brace, Christ the King Radbrook and The Church in the Meet Place. Together we are a Church of England parish with a big heart for people and an even bigger heart for God.

There’s been a worshipping community at the heart of Meole Brace for over a thousand years. The current church building at Holy Trinity has only been around a mere 150, but it’s a reminder that we are part of God’s church here past, present and future.

Recent years decades have seen a growth in different ways of doing and being church.

  • In Radbrook Green you’ll find Christ the King, meeting in Radbrook Community Centre on a Sunday morning, all through the week in Café Connect in the shopping centre, as well as in homes and streets all across the local area.
  • On the Meole Estate you’ll find a range of weekly events and activities, seeking to build community, support people and show the love of God in really practical ways.
  • In each of these areas you’ll find children and young people being at the heart of who we are and what we do, whether in schools or Messy Church, Sunday activities or midweek groups.
  • And across the parish and beyond you’ll find people of all ages who are seeking to live Jesus-shaped lives in schools, hospitals, businesses, neighbourhoods and wherever else God takes them. Everyone, everywhere, everyday and in everything.

In 2019 we embarked on a new season of life together: growing faith, proclaiming hope, living the love of Jesus. We’d love you to be part of writing the next chapters of that story together.

The message at the heart of Christianity is pretty simple, but its impact and effects are far reaching. At its heart of the Christian faith is an amazing invitation from the God who made us and loves us. At the very centre of Christianity is the person of Jesus, born as a man, living on earth, dying for us and rising to new life. At its core is the work of the Holy Spirit, God’s presence and power in the lives of His people today.

Like any good invitation, we need to know what we’re being invited to. This invitation to us is about forgiveness from the past, new life in the present, and an amazing hope for the future.

There are lots of different ways of finding out more. One of the best ways is to come and meet other people at  Church who have heard and responded to this invitation from God – we’d love to tell you more about the difference God has made, and is making, in our lives. Or come and take part in an Alpha Course, a ten week practical introduction to the Christian faith.

Why not make a start right now? You could begin with finding out more about Jesus from the pages of the Bible, starting with Luke’s gospel. Or you can watch  “The Hope“, an 80 minute film of the story of God’s promise for all people as revealed in the Bible.

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There’s been a worshipping community at the heart of Meole Brace for over a thousand years.

The current church building at Holy Trinity has only been around a mere 150, but it’s a reminder that we are part of God’s church here past, present and future. We have produced a short history ‘Meole Brace Through the Centuries’, tracing the story of the church and the parish from Roman times to the present day. This is available for £5 by post, or online pdf by clicking on the link below.

Holy Trinity Church

The present Holy Trinity Church is a fine Grade II listed Victorian building, with nationally famous William Morris and Burne-Jones designed stained glass windows, links to author Mary Webb and a fine peal of bells. The building is regularly used for services and other events, but visitors are welcome to look around during office hours when the building is not in use. We can also arrange tours for groups by appointment – contact us for details. You can also download a booklet with detailed descriptions of the Windows at Holy Trinity, and History of the Bells at Holy Trinity Church Meole Brace
The renowned local author Mary Webb was a regular worshipper at Holy Trinity and also married at the church. The church is featured in the local Mary Webb walking trail. And for schools the church is a rich resource for study across the curriculum, but particularly for the RE, PSHE and History curricula. We welcome school visits; please contact us for details.


Holy Trinity’s Bells

We have a happy and sociable band of ringers of mixed experience, aged 14 to 70+, who ring our eight fantastic bells every Sunday morning from 10:15 to 1045, and also for weddings and other events of local or national significance.  We practise every Thursday evening at 7:30. It is great fun and we hope our ‘audience’ across Meole Brace gets as much satisfaction from the sound as the ringers do from the exercise. We are all agreed about one thing: the bells of Holy Trinity Meole Brace are being rung regularly to affirm the presence of God’s love in our community and to call people to worship. To find out more speak to Michael Carding or Andy Digby who can be contacted via the Church Office.

Meole Brace History

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Stained glass windows

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History of bells

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