Electoral Roll

Join us. And join in!

The Electoral roll is a really important way of saying “I belong” to the life of the church, both locally and nationally. It seeks to be an indication of the strength of church life, recording the amazing family of God who make up churches across England seeking to be a Christian presence in every community.


Joining the electoral roll also opens up the way for greater involvement in the life of the church, at deanery, diocesan and national events. You become entitled to vote at the Annual Parish Church meeting, and become eligible to join the church committees and PCC.

If you completed the form in 2019 – the latest time we totally revised the role – you will not need to complete a new one this year. If you’d like to check your details, or whether you are on the electoral roll, then please contact the Church Office or Electoral Roll Secretary.

JOIN IN – Keeping in touch

Alongside the Electoral Roll we want to be a local church where people can grow faith, belong with others, and use their gifts. To help us do that we want to be able to keep in touch with you, and have the most accurate contact details we can. We’d love you to fill in the “Join in” part of the form:

My contact details.

Please let us have your contact details, plus telephone and email. You’re also invited to tick the “email communication” box which will allow you to receive occasional emails from the church office about particular aspects of life at Trinity Churches.

My places of belonging.

It’s really helpful to know where some of the services and groups are which you link up with, or which you attend regularly.

My connecting with others.

Along with many other churches we use an online church member system called “ChurchSuite.” Via a secure website this allows individuals to update their personal information, see customised events coming up, keep track of church communications, check rotas, share small group resources, and monitor aspects of their giving. It also allows you to see selected details of other church members who give permission for their contact details to be visible in a secure church directory.

My “next steps”.

Hundreds of people are already involved in the life of Trinity Churches. Thankyou. Especially if you’re new or still looking to belong more fully, how might we help you more? Let us know and one of the team will be in touch with you about particular aspects of the life of the church.

Complete electoral roll online

You can now complete the electoral roll online. Fill in the relevant details and sign the form online.

Download Form

Word version to complete online

Download Form

PDF version to print and write

Contact Office

Electoral Roll Officer