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We’d love to help you find ways to connect up with us

There are a large number of people, places and activities which make up Trinity Churches. Sundays, midweek activities, young and old alike, there really is something for everyone.

We’d love to invite you to join us, and join in. Please give us your details – as below – and we will contact you soon.  In the meantime if you have any questions, please do phone us on 01743 362399, email info@trinitychurches.org, or take a look around the website.

There are lots of different ways of connecting up with life at Trinity Churches. Whether you’re exploring faith for the first time, returning to church, looking for a place you can call home, or just visiting, you’re very welcome to come along to any of our services and events:

  • Come to a Sunday gathering and worship with us at a service.
  • Come and do an Alpha course, or similar, and take steps to explore the Christian faith
  • Pop into Café Connect, or some of our regular hospitality in the Trinity Centre, Meole Estate and Radbrook Green.
  • Look into joining a small group and get to know some great people.
  • Talk to us about getting married, or celebrating a baptism or thanksgiving for your child.
  • Walk with us and with God as you plan a funeral and mourn the loss of a loved one
  • Get involved in serving somewhere in the life of the Church

We really look forward to meeting you, and helping you to feel welcome here.

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