2015 Annual Reports and Accounts

2015 Annual Reports and Accounts

Phil CansdaleWe’ve been busy getting ready for the APCM coming up on Sunday 24th April. This allows us an annual opportunity to take a look back over the year, celebrate some of the different things that have been going on, and reflect together on all that lies ahead.

On a practical level too it also means we produce annual accounts of 2015, as well as a shorter summary document in the annual review of how we are doing financially.

Paper copies are available in church on a Sunday, but you can also click on the pictures below for either the “Annual Review of 2015” or the draft “Financial report of 2015“. Please do take time to read, reflect, and be encouraged. And – having read them – if you have particular questions or things you’d like to follow up then please do let us know. If you’re planning on asking a question at the APCM about something specific in the review or the accounts, it would be really helpful to let us know beforehand. Thankyou.


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