APCM 2023

APCM 2023

The APCM this year took place on Sunday 21st May 2023.  We looked back over the year 2022, had opportunities to pray together and ask questions, and held the usual elections for wardens and PCC members who serve in the leadership life of the parish. You’ll find a video below of the meeting itself, as well as a written response to the ENCOURAGEMENTS and QUESTIONS raised on the evening. You’ll also find in the draft minutes details of who was elected during the evening, including our two new parish wardens of Jenny Surl and Anne Hasnip.

Meeting Agenda

May 2023 meeting agenda

Last year...

2022 Meeting Minutes

Annual Review of 2022

Phil Cansdale

2022 Accounts

Draft Minutes

2023 Meeting Minutes

Encouragements and Questions raised

Feedback from interactive parts


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