“Are we nearly there yet?” Our COVID journey

"Are we nearly there yet?" Our COVID journey

As a church we welcome the lifting of legal restrictions as of 24th February 2022, and the hope-filled prospect of the end of this stage of the COVID pandemic. However we recognise that this will raise questions and concerns for some, particularly those who are more vulnerable.

The next few weeks and beyond will see what Dr Chris Whitty called “gradual, steady change over a period of time”, rather than a sudden “everything stops” approach. We are therefore reflecting on what measures will best be in place as individuals and as a local church, and how we can live out our personal responsibility in such a way that we look not just to our own interests but also to the whole family of God.

As a church we will continue to encourage vaccinations, ensure good ventilation, and enable hand sanitising. We will also be continuing with our current online provision both Sundays and midweek, and strongly recommending those with COVID-symptoms or who have tested positive to avoid contact with others.

However there are two particular areas under discussion, and you’ll find below a link to a short survey which we hope will help us in our reflection:

1. Distanced seating. How best to enable those who would like a measure of distance around them to attend services and events? With multiple congregations it might be the case that some services offer greater distancing options than others…..

2. Face Coverings. From conversations thus far we know that some people will choose to continue to wear them, and that others will be making the choice over these coming weeks not to wear them. I know we’ll continue to be understanding and supportive of those who will make a different personal decision about these matters, and we hope the survey might help us to discern how best to ‘take everyone with us’ in this next season.

Please click on the link below and let us know your current thinking and intended practice. We’ve set an initial deadline for Friday 4th March, though obviously will continue to monitor responses after that time. If you’d rather a conversation with myself, one of the ministry tea or a Church Warden then do contact the Church Office on 01743 362399, or email info@trinitychurches.org.


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