The BIG Converssation

Having a conversation about your COVID journey

Let’s be honest, the last year has been really tough on many of us. In our own lives, in our families, in our workplaces, in our church. At this stage of our COVID journey we’re finding that quite a few people are benefit from having conversation to try and process something of what’s been going on, and – in a safe space – talk about their pandemic experience. And looking forward what life as a follower of Jesus might look like from here.

So the four words are:

  • THANKFUL? What are you thankful for? Some of those daily things, as well as bigger wider blessings to be grateful for….
  • LAMENT? What are you missing or grieving for? It might be people or things you have lost, or hopes that have been dashed or longings for a better future not yet realised?
  • LEARN? What have you learned? What might some of the good things come from the pandemic in your daily life and your relationship with God? What might you do differently as a result of the pandemic?
  • PRAY? What would it be good to be praying at the moment. People, situations, concerns, ways to grow deeper with God?

There are different ways in which you might seek to take part in this and join in with the conversation.

  • Members of the ministry team and others are offering to meet one-to-one with anyone who would like to have a conversation around these four words. It might take about 45 minutes. At a suitable time and place we’d have a guided conversation around each of these, and for that to be a safe space to talk about some big issues…..
  • For others you might be part of an existing small group of people, and to give over an evening or two to go through this as a group….
  • For yet others you might have a particular friend or family member and – over a coffee in the back garden or whatever else – you can ask each other about these what four words and how you’re doing in your life with God….
  • It might be the sort of thing you want to do on your own, and there are some links off the web resources to take you a bit further in each of these areas…..

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My COVID Experience

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