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"Are we nearly there yet?" Our COVID journey
February 23, 2022

“Are we nearly there yet?” Our COVID journey

As a church we welcome the lifting of legal restrictions as of 24th February 2022, and the hope-filled prospect of the end of this stage of the COVID pandemic. However we recognise that this will...

Fi Iddon's Licensing as Associate Vicar
July 13, 2020

Fi Iddon’s Licensing as Associate Vicar

Final plans are being put in place for Fi Iddon’s Licensing as Associate Vicar. It will take place on Thursday 16th July, at 7pm. Sadly we won’t be able to meet as part of a...

Fi Iddon - our new Associate Vicar
June 07, 2020

Fi Iddon – our new Associate Vicar

We are thrilled to announce today that Revd Fi Iddon is going to be our new Associate Vicar. She’ll be working with us as a team across the parish, and will bring a wealth of...

Ascension Day - Trinity News
May 21, 2020

Ascension Day – Trinity News

I wonder how you are with church celebrations?  We know how to celebrate Christmas, even if we bury it under a thousand distractions. We know how to celebrate Easter, although it is often accompanied by...

March 2019 Trinity Life
February 22, 2019

March 2019 Trinity Life

Our March 2019 copy of Trinity Life is now out. As well as details about Sundays coming up over the next few weeks, it also has news of midweek events including “The Greatest Showman” Lent...

Trinity Churches Communication Survey 2018
April 29, 2018

Trinity Churches Communication Survey 2018

Communication – it’s something we do everyday. Whether catching up with a friend over a drink, gathering round the kitchen table as a family or to people we meet out and about – we talk....

Bon voyage Abby!
February 09, 2018

Bon voyage Abby!

The amazing Abby has been with us for 12 months now, involved in lots of different things. Travelling from Malaysia she got used to the rain, lots of cups of tea, and even built a...