Celebrating the work of TMAC

Celebrating the work of TMAC

tmac helpAt TMAC (Trinity Money Advice Centre) we have a compassionate heart for the poor and exist to provide debt advice and practical help to those in need. Our advisors meet with the clients and gather all of the relevant paperwork needed to negotiate a repayment plan for the client with their creditors.

Over the past year we have helped 19 new clients to progress towards being debt free. But we cannot do it alone. However, we need your help! If you are at a loose end and have some spare time then why not volunteer to help at our money advice centre?

I can hear you saying:  ‘But I don’t have the right skills and I’m definitely not very good with money!’ Don’t worry, we offer full support and training. ‘If I volunteer what would I be doing?’  As a volunteer you will assist our trained advisors, you will become part of an existing team.

Your role would be;

1.To be an administrative support for the advisor with the paperwork; filling forms and checking details for example.

2. To be a ‘befriender’ who helps to support the client practically. Many clients have said they ‘felt the pressure of debt lift off them having been to TMAC’.

‘I had to give up work because of bad health. I had credit card, bank, electricity and gas debts. Once I had been to Trinity Money Advice Centre a great weight had been lifted off my shoulders.’ Sarah.

We would love you to step out and serve God as a member of the TMAC team, so please contact Gordon Lamb, TMAC Manager on 07975601282.


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