Celebrating the Year!

Celebrating the Year!

A chance to look back over the past year and look ahead…

Sunday 26th April 2015 saw this year’s Annual Parochial Church Meeting, a chance to look back over the past year, to rejoice in what God is doing across the parish, and to look ahead at some of the opportunities and challenges over the next months and years.

Going fishing?

We began the evening in Church, as Dave Bruce spoke on John 21. “Throw your net on the right side of the boat and you will find some fish” said Dave, as he invited us to encounter again the generosity and abundance of Jesus Christ. We then had a coffee break, after which the evening continued in the Trinity Centre.

Looking back…

We spent much of the meeting looking back at the past twelve months, and at different aspects of ministry and mission that are going on across the parish. The “Annual Review” had already given a written perspective, but different of the ministry leadership team shared particular projects they had been involved in. These areas included work with young adults, continued emphasis on “Frontline”, schools work, CTK ministry, and outreach on the Meole Estate. If you haven’t yet done so, do pick up a copy of the 2014 Annual Review from Church, or from the website at trinitychurches.org/review.

Saying thanks

We then came to the “Unsung Hero” awards, for four particular people across the parish who often ‘go the extra mile’ in the way that they serve God, love other people, and get involved in the life of the Church. We could of course have hundreds of different people, but as a ministry leadership team we felt that the following four people were particularly worthy recipients of the “Unsung Hero” award.


·         Doreen Hedges at CTK. “Doreen: a quiet, gentle, faithful servant of Jesus. A smile that radiates His love and a calm that communicates his peace”.

·         Doug and Beryl Howells at CMP. ‘This wonderful couple consistently show Gods’ love that is within them to the community they serve. God bless you

·         Gary Fulcher at HT. “Gary: faithful commitment to the 9am congregation week in week out as warden. And for his encouragement with Christian Aid week.”

·         Carol Booles on the staff team. ”In addition to her two ‘paid’ roles as pre-school worker and Welcome Assistant, Carol goes the extra mile in many other ways, from pastoral ministry to baptism preparation, bereavement care to hospitality.”

We also publicly thanked Kevin Lawrence, Operations Manager, as he finishes his role on the staff team at the end of April. Kevin has been an outstanding member of the team, and Rachel Woods and Phil Cansdale gave thanks for his many contributions to the life of the parish over many years.

Sharing Leadership

One of the important aspects of an APCM is to appoint leaders to various different roles and responsibilities across the parish.

Andy Digby and Mike Haddaway (Holy Trinity), Judith Drury and Michael Honychurch (CTK) were elected as Churchwardens for 2015-16. Do look out for them and support them. We also elected new members of the Parochial Church Council, and those who are going to represent the life of the parish on Deanery Synod. PCC members – old and new alike – are as follows:

Clergy and Church Army: Phil Cansdale, Peter Hubbard, Dave Bruce, Valerie Pitt, Charles Ruxton, Gordon Lamb

Authorised Lay Ministers: Gareth Evans, Shirley Stevens, Martin Hall

Churchwardens: Andy Digby, Mike Haddaway, Judith Drury, Michael Honychurch

DCC Reps from Holy Trinity: Dave Latcham, Steve Alston, Sylvia Leake, Jill Withington, Jane Horne.

DCC Reps from Christ the King: Brian Bates

Deanery Synod Reps from Holy Trinity: Steve Jones, Simon Iddon, Derek Willis, Rachel Woods

Deanery Synod Reps from Christ the King: Roy Patterson, Ollie Abbott

Co-opted members: Isabel Willerton


Talking Finances

Jill Withington presented the 2014 Accounts, which showed a smaller-than-expected deficit of £4k. The vast majority of our income comes from church members, with an additional small surplus from the Trinity Centre as well as grants and fees etc. She also presented the 2015 budget, and spoke of the PCC’s commitment to continue to be good stewards of the many gifts that God is giving us.

Looking forward

Phil Cansdale finished the evening by looking ahead over the coming year. He talked about jazz music, and of how there’s a common structure that all the musicians will sit within for each tune – a similar chord pattern and rhythm. Yet within that there is space for huge creativity and change, with individual solos, inventive flair and the group working together creatively.

Phil spoke of how the basic ‘riff’ of the parish can be heard through the written and spoken reports, “living for Jesus”, “loving one another” and “setting a table for the world.” He spoke then of some of the “solos” in different areas of ministry which different musicians would be playing over the coming months.


Phil finished by thanking fellow players for all they bring to the jazz band of God across the parish, and of how they are “keeping the tune alive for the people of God” in each and every generation.


If you’d like to know more – or to be part of the process of discerning the ‘what nexts’ for us all across the parish – talk to one of the Ministry Leadership Team, a member of your congregational leadership team, or come to the weekly “Meet the Vicar” sessions.