Come Lord Jesus

A week to pray as Advent begins. Sunday 3rd December 2023

We all have a picture in our heads as to what a healthy prayer life looks like. Maybe it’s not achievable all the time but, how about – for one week – making prayer a priority? As Advent begins and Christmas approaches, might you commit to set the joys of prayer within the rhythm of your day?

Alongside our Sunday services we’re offering opportunities to pray in different ways, times and places. Some in person, some online, and some more structured than others. Our theme is “Come Lord Jesus”, that most ancient of prayers, and over the week we’ll be unpacking this using the Lord’s prayer as a focus. In some of the darkness across our world and our nation we pray “Come Lord Jesus.” As Christmas approaches – in our church, across our community, for our families and ourselves – we wait for his coming.

Some resources along the way

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Daily Prayer

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Lectio 365

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Prayer Journal

Whispers of God?

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What might God be speaking to you? Or to us as a church? Would you be willing, just for the week, to keep a journal of your praying and, at the end, to look through it and notice what’s important. Some of it may be just for you, but there may be things (images, words, prayers) you need to share with others at the end of the week. It’s often best to come and have a conversation with one of the ministry leadership team, or why not at least start the conversation by letting us know below.

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