Community Garden Project

Community Garden Project

Trinity Churches are looking for an enthusiastic volunteer to take the lead on a garden project, which would be based in the garden of a local Meole Brace resident, adjacent to the churchyard. The lead would represent the church in liaising with the owner of the garden and any local community volunteers, who might wish to be involved in developing the plot.

The project would follow permaculture principles, and choice of crops would be open to discussion. It is hoped that a forest garden and informal seating area might also be set up, again for the local community. Involvement would not be limited to church members.

Gardeners would have the benefit of what they grew, and excess could be offered to church/Trinity Centre catering.

If you think this is something you would like to get involved in, then please contact one of the Church Wardens(Mike Haddaway 362151; Erica Staples 873966) or Operations Manager (William Small 362399) in the church office (362399) in the first instance, for further detail and discussion.

Mike Haddaway (01743 362151)


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