Discipleship Central – Autumn 2017

Discipleship Central - Autumn 2017

God is calling us to become whole-life and whole-hearted disciples.

It was Dallas Willard who said discipleship is simply recognising that “Jesus knows how to live your life better than you do.”  We’re committed to that as a parish, and finding ways of supporting people of all ages to walk this journey with Christ together.

Discipleship Central is a monthly opportunity to help us do that across the parish. We’ll be meeting once a month on a Thursday evening, beginning at 745pm in the Trinity Centre. We’ll start with cake, coffee, a welcome, worship and time to pray. Then from 8.15pm to 930pm we’ll have some time in smaller learning groups, with opportunities to grow faith, develop gifts and learn together.

The four learning groups include (1) Faith Pictures, a Church Army resource on sharing faith and going deeper in faith. (2) The Prayer Course, a resource looking at the Lord’s Prayer. (3) A Parenting course, particularly for parents of older children and teens. (4) Worship Central, for musicians and others wanting to be involved in music and worship.

Dates for Autumn 2017:

Thursday 21st September, 7.45pm – 9.30pm

Thursday 19th October, 7.45pm – 9.30pm

Thursday 16th November, 7.45pm -9.30pm.





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