Divorce Recovery Workshop

Divorce Recovery Workshop

With so many people living with family and relationship breakdown, how might the Church respond?

to a recent article, there are an estimated 230,000 people in the UK divorcing each year; 1 in 2 children will see their parents separate. “Divorce is an epidemic affecting our attitudes and behaviour, and every church needs to have worked out what it can do about it.”

Two members of local churches are running a Divorce Recovery Workshop (DRW) on 3rd and 4th June. Facilitated by Paul Bell (Holy Trinity Meole Brace) and Lynne Breakell (Shrewsbury Baptist), and taking place at Central Baptist on Claremont Street, it will run from 930am – 5pm on Saturday, and 12.30 – 4pm on the Sunday.

The group will include DVD input and a group discussion approach with the aim of participants providing self-help to others facing similar challenges. “We aim for people to grow not just go through divorce.  While the Workshop content and aims are not exclusively “Christian” it is run in Shrewsbury by Christians who seek to show Christ’s compassion during one of those most difficult times we may experience in our lives.”

You can find more details on the DRW website at www.drw.org.uk.  For more details contact Paul Bell on 07932 168799.





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