Easter 2023 Weekly Email

Easter 2023 Weekly Email

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Has anyone been watching the latest version of “Great Expectations”, some of which was filmed recently in the streets of Shrewsbury? It’s a classic BBC Sunday night drama, and (mild plot spoiler) is an amazing story of love, loss, and hope. It’s no wonder it has hit the ‘big screen’ over fifteen times since it was written.

This next few days of Easter we’re living through another remarkable story which has caught the attention of people the world over. Here – lived out that first Easter and glimpsed ever since in the lives of those who follow Jesus – is the ultimate story of “love, loss and hope.” The love of God for all people, seen in the life of Jesus Christ. The pain of loss, of broken lives and a fragile world. And the power of hope, new resurrection life reverberating across the generations.

I wonder what your “greatest expectations” are this Easter time? For those who are grieving glimpsing comfort? Those who are lost finding purpose? Those who are lonely finding community? This Easter good news – “Christ has died, Christ is risen, Christ will come again” – can be seen in the lives of countless men, women and children today. So come and join in, it’s well worth the watch! As the film adverts often put it, “Coming to a church near you (and many other places too) this Easter.”

Revd Phil Cansdale, Vicar
(Yes, this article also appeared in this week’s Crosstalk in Shrewsbury Chronicle)


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It’s Easter Sunday this Sunday, with our usual opportunities to celebrate together across the four congregations at Trinity as well as at Belle Vue. We begin with a sunrise communion service in the gardens at Meole Brace at 6.30am. We then host our ‘usual’ rhythm of services at 9am and 11am and 6.30pm (Meole Brace), 1030am (CTK and Belle Vue).

We are especially excited that three people are being baptised at our 11am service. The baptisms themselves will be taking place in the courtyard in our baptistery, and we can’t wait to be celebrating new beginnings and God’s grace for the candidates, their families and the life of the whole church. We would love you to join us if you can.


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You’ll find on our website outline details of what’s taking place for Holy Week and Easter this year. In particular:

4pm to 5pm. Meal for children and families (RSVP)

7pm to 9pm. Evening meal and worship (Belle Vue Church) (RSVP, very few spaces remaining)

9.30am Good Friday All-age worship (Meole Brace Church)

9.30am Good Friday Gathering (Christ the King)
2pm to 3pm. House at the Cross (Meole Brace Church)

3pm Good Friday till 6am Easter Day is “Watching and Waiting.” (RSVP) Sign up for an hour (or more) of prayer, daytimes (9am to 9pm) at Holy Trinity Church, nights (9pm to 9am) at home. Sign up on website www.trinitychurches.org/easterprayer

6.30am Easter Morning Service (Meole Brace Gardens)
9am Easter Day Gathering (Holy Trinity Church)
1030am Easter Day Gathering (Christ the King)
11am Easter Day Gathering with baptisms (Holy Trinity Church)
6.30pm Easter Day Evening Celebration (Trinity Centre)

You’ll find more details of all of these on our website.

Holy Week and Easter events

Sign up for “Watching and Waiting” Prayer

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