Easter Services in Radbrook and Meole Brace

Easter Services in Radbrook and Meole Brace

Come and join us as we celebrate this Easter time. Walk through the story, find space to ‘watch and pray’, and join with Christians the world over in discovering once more the gift of hope, joy and new life on Easter Day.

Whether you’re a newcomer or an old-timer at church, or whether this is a familiar story or not, we’d love to see you. Details of most of our services and events are as below. In particular why not come to one of the services on Easter Day?

At many of our Easter events we’ll be offering a free something to take home to continue the story. For children there’s “The super cool story of Jesus“, a beautifully told and illustrated book of Jesus’ life and the Easter story. For adults there’s “The Real Easter” which looks at some of the big Easter themes, and how something of the Easter story can change our lives in the here and now, and for all eternity.

There’s something about Jesus that has fascinated and intrigued billions of people the world over. Here is a man who had no PR machine, wrote no book and had no social networking site; he spoke to no more people in his lifetime than would fill the local football stadium. But he changed the world more than any person has ever done, and he touches the imagination of more people today than ever before.

So the impact of Easter can never be underestimated. Children, women, men whose lives have been transformed. Ordinary people living extraordinary lives. Come and meet some this Easter. God’s amazing family.



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