Elaine Storkey is Visiting…

Elaine Storkey is Visiting...

On the 29th November, Elaine Storkey will be visiting us at Holy Trinity Meole Brace.

The morning congregations will come together in a JOINT SERVICE at 10.30am, where Elaine will be speaking.

At the evening service at 6.30pm Elaine will be talking about her new book: Scars across Humanity.elaine-storkey

Elaine Storkey is an English philosopher, sociologist and theologian. She is known for her lecturing, writing and broadcasting. She lectures across the world, including in Haiti, India and Ethiopia, and is a prominent feminist evangelical. Her writings have brought a biblical perspective to the feminist movement. She is concerned to highlight the impact of climate change and global poverty, as well as of sexual violence, on women.

Scars Across Humanity:ElaineStorkeyBook

Every three seconds, a girl under the age of 18 is married somewhere across the world usually without her consent and sometimes to a much older man.

Combining rigorous research and compelling personal testimonies, Elaine Storkey investigates the different forms of violence experienced by women across the globe today. From female infanticide and child brides to domestic abuse, prostitution, rape and honour killings, violence against women occurs at all stages of life, and in all cultures and societies. How and why has this violence become so prevalent? Storkey examines the answers that are commonly offered, including theories based on evolutionary psychology and the rise of patriarchal power structures. She also considers the role that religion can play for good or ill in the struggle against this universal injustice.


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