Midweek Learning Hubs in April and May 2020

During these weeks of not being able to meet together we are still wanting to be finding ways of encouraging and equipping one another as we seek to be people of ‘faith, hope and love.’

Existing small groups are doing that really well, particularly pastorally finding ways to support each other. On top of that daily and weekly livestreams, phone networks, and a myriad of relationships across the congregations are all helping people to stay strong in faith. But alongside that we are offering six different ‘midweek learning hubs’ which seek to be an opportunity for people to deepen their discipleship, learn some new skills, and develop gifts.

We are asking people sign up to these online, and where possible to commit to weekly engagement over the six or eight weeks. For the most part there will be a video clip or two for people to watch at their leisure during the week, and opportunities for an online and ongoing ‘chat’ about particular things raised via a suitable website. There would then be a more formal ‘meeting’ via ZOOM on a set evening at a set time for those who are able to attend that. This would be hosted by the group leaders, and would be an opportunity to talk through particular issues raised and lessons learned.

Find out more… and sign up… by clicking on the round links for website details, then signing up for the course below.

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