Faith, hope and love – small group resource

Faith, hope and love - small group resource

I came across a really simple website and app recently called “what3words.” It is basically a way of finding out exactly where you are in the world. Rather than using complicated map references, or long strings of longitude and latitude numbers, it can pinpoint where you are within a few metres with three easy to remember words.

Sitting here in the Trinity Centre we are “Blues. Hunt. Decks.” My study at home is “Squad. Oven. Closes.” But make a cup of tea in the kitchen and it becomes “Money. Fixed. Spice.” Why not try it out! We’ve got three words which we hope are going to guide us as a church over these next years.

Faith. Hope. Love.

We’re praying and discerning and dreaming about where they might guide us. One of the ways of doing this over the next few weeks is small groups taking time to reflect on each of these words, and how they might be lived out in our shared life today. Charlotte Gompertz has written four special sessions, one introduction and then one on each of the words. Take a look at it – and make use of it – by downloading it via the button below, or look out for some printed copies which are available via small group leaders.

Download small group study on faith, hope and love


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