Follow the star?

Follow the star?

If you’ve been into Holy Trinity Church around Christmas – and I do recommend it – you might have spotted a strange tradition.

A baby’s crib is at the front of church, next to the Christmas tree. And for the days leading up to Christmas the nativity characters make their way towards the crib from the back of church, “jumping” from window-sill to window-sill as they follow the star to Bethlehem. Mary and Joseph get a head start, various donkeys get there, then the shepherds and sheep. Three kings, all beautifully decked out and gifts in hand, usually aim to arrive in time for the Boxing Day sales.

But last year we hit a problem. One of our wise men went missing, and only two ever made it to the crib. Lost on his journey? Got bored and turned home? Kidnapped by an over-zealous toddler? We still don’t know, but chances are this year only a pair of wise men will be making their journey to the manger with gifts in hand, seemingly unworried where their third equally wise member of the Magi Trinity has run off to.

This Christmas we’re inviting you to “follow the star”. And whether like the missing wise man or not, this is a star well worth following. Come as you are, and take the life-changing journey of Christmas. Wherever you find yourself, you are invited to follow the star and be with Jesus. You are welcome. You are deeply known and truly loved, and we can’t wait to share again of love come down, of peace given, of hope shared.

As we follow the star together, we’d love to help you take further steps on this lifelong journey of faith. Whether in Café Connect or at one of the regular Messy Church events, at Bacon Buddies or a Sunday service, let me assure you of a warm welcome. We’ve got some great resources for children and adults which you can pick them up from the Trinity Centre, Café Connect, or at one of our Christmas events. Our website has some great resources too, including links to the Alpha Course film series which is a great way to take first steps in faith.

So join with hundreds of others this Christmas and follow the star. And, unlike our missing wise man, try not to get lost on the way! And, if you are the kidnapper and are holding out for a ransom, please send any requests to the treasurer and not the vicar!


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