Food banks in the news – collection started at Trinity Churches

tins of produiceWe have recently set up a collection point for Shrewsbury food bank at Holy Trinity.  We explain why and how you can get involved.

Over recent months, politicians, both local and national, and of every political persuasion, have been sharing their views on food banks. Whatever they, and indeed we may think of food banks, one of the features of recent years has been the massive growth in the numbers of them, and indeed demand for their services.  The Shrewsbury bank, run out of Barnabas Community Church in Coleham is no exception.

  Shrewsbury food bank offers short-term support to people in crisis, perhaps brought on by redundancy, illness or a change or delay in benefits.  A parcel of food and household essentials can make so much difference in such circumstances.

Café Connect has been collecting food and other items for Shrewsbury Ark and the Catholic Convent and this is hugely appreciated by both organisations.  The Ark, who support people on the margins of our society, and the Convent, who provide breakfasts for local people who find themselves homeless, work closely with the food bank and other agencies.

To give Holy Trinity congregations the opportunity to get involved in this ministry donations can now be made on Sundays and during the week via the church office or at the back of church.

If you would like to donate you may consider some of the following; being items that are particularly in demand at present.

 Tinned vegetables

 Small tins of meat

 Sugar, Squash or juice

 Tinned ready meals


 Long life milk

 Nappies of all sizes

 Shower gel

 Toilet rolls

Collections for the Ark and Convent will continue via Café Connect.





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