God’s amazing family – sharing the peace?

God's amazing family - sharing the peace?

This last Sunday Charlotte did a really great sermon as part of our series on the book of Ezra. She talked about living with opposition, and what it might look like for us to be life-givers with our words and our actions. Towards the end she talked about “sharing the peace” in a way that got lots of us thinking. Here it is…


I love the way we Anglicans ‘share the peace’ before communion. It’s a great opportunity to say ‘hello’ to that friend who you haven’t seen for a while sitting over the other side of church! But what is it really for? It’s for making peace with one another before we come to the Lord’s table!

Have a look at these great ideas from www.thechurchsofa.co.uk on ten great ways to share the peace! Let’s get making more peace!

1.    Hand out cold beers, encourage people to open them mid service.

2.    Bear hug your neighbour.

3.    Time your pizza order really well.

4.    European style kiss on the cheek.

5.    Put in black contact lenses… just to scare people!…

6.    Dance around the hall, like no ones watching. Except everyone might be…

7.    Run around shaking hands with as many people as you can in 60 seconds (post the results below if you wish!)

8.    Introduce yourself to someone new, while pretending to be from a different country.

9.    Say hello to the person leading the service. Ask if they get lonely standing up there by themselves.

10. Stick comedy post it notes on the back of people…

Any other ideas?



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