Guided Prayer in Lent 2018

Guided Prayer in Lent 2018

Personal prayer is personal – a time when we do business with God one-to-one, in honesty and without the need to defer to other peoples’ expectations of what prayer is. It is an essential part of Christian living.

And yet, if you are like me, there are times when we feel that a bit of guidance wouldn’t go amiss. Not ‘expert’ advice (how can someone be an expert on me?) but the companionship of someone who is committed to the same quest.

Here is a proposal for next Lent:

       You make a commitment to pray each day of Lent, in a way that suits you and at a time that suits you (something like 20-40 mins, or whatever you have time for);

       Each Wednesday (afternoon or evening, 21 Feb – 21 Mar 2018) you meet with a prayer guide for about half an hour to talk about your praying. Everything that is shared is confidential.

The prayer guides are trained people who know that prayer is sometimes joy and sometimes struggle, who promise to listen to you and, as you need it, will offer guidance on ways to pray (using scripture or, if they help, things like poetry or art).

There is no requirement to be experienced or ‘good’ at prayer. All that is needed is a desire to get closer to God, and a commitment to try and make time for prayer each day in Lent. People who have done this before have described it as an ‘amazing journey’ and ‘a real encouragement’.  It is different every time, but likely to be a blessing!

For more information or to book*, call the church office on 01743 362399 on or speak with Charles Ruxton.

* We will ask for a contribution of £25 to cover prayer guides’ travel expenses, but please come anyway even if not able to pay this.

Charles Ruxton 

Click here to express your interest in taking part

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