Holy Week at Trinity Churches

A celebration of the events of Holy Week. At the time they occured, at the place they occured… only in Meole Brace and Radbrook Green

Jersusalem-Meole is a recreation of the events of Holy Week. Each day we will meet together to read the gospel accounts at the time they actually occurred, and in the Shrewsbury equivalent of where they occurred. The idea is to give people a sense of how this week – the most important week in history – worked out.

For regular Holy Week services we’ll be taking these themes and developing them. For gathered events we will meet at the location specified, at the time specified, as well as part of each of these being on Facebook Live at “Trinity Churches Shrewsbury”. For reflecting at home there will be no meeting – simply read the passage in your own homes or wherever you are.

We recognise that there’s a bit of supposition involved, but the broad sweep of the week is clear in Mark’s gospel which we shall use as the basic template. We’ve used Nick Page’s “The Longest Week” if you want to find out more. Events will be led by different people and it will be up to the leader what they do. There might be prayers or a reflection or a piece of poetry, or simply some silence. There might be some discussion. If you want to bring children, to the early morning, outdoor events, that’s fine. There won’t be any activity specifically for them, but they can join in or just run around!