Holy Week 2018 – “Watch and Pray”

This Holy week we’re inviting you to “watch and pray” with others from across the parish in a special prayer room set up in Holy Trinity Church. This is a continuous invitation from Maundy Thursday evening (7pm) through to Easter Day morning (7am)

We’re going to set up some prayer resources at the back of church, and are inviting you to come on your own or with friends, as a family or in small groups – basically come as you are. Set up around the venue will be some prompts to pray, and some creative ideas to sustain your prayers. But our basic intention is simple: that we “watch and pray” in the presence of Jesus over these three most important of days.

Broken up into hour long sessions, over the sixty hours of prayer there are three different types of time:

(1) CORPORATE PRAYER. Taking place at 8am, 12pm and 8pm, these hour-long times will include some guided Bible reading and scripture to reflect on a particular theme at that stage of the Holy Week story, as well as space for you to enjoy the quiet and peace of the prayer spaces.

(2) OPEN PRAYER.  During the day (9am to 10pm) you’re able to sign up to pray for hour-long slots. You’ll often be on your own, but these won’t be “exclusive” bookings and others might also be praying with you for some or all of the time.

(3) NIGHT PRAYER. Between 10pm and 8am you’ll be able to sign up for an hour or more, and especially during the night this would be a time to pray on your own. There will be appropriate security in place for gaining entry to Holy Trinity Church, and we would recommend that you exercise  care if praying in the middle of the night by telling someone else where you are going and what you are doing.

We’ll be able to enter into the Maundy Thursday story of Gethsemane, through the Good Friday trials and the cross, into the mystery and the silence of “Holy Saturday”, and finishing with the joy of the resurrection on Easter morning. These are hugely vivid themes here to inspire prayer for ourselves and our friends, for the church and our community, and for the world around.

Please consider signing up for an hour, though our past experience tells us that people who sign up for more than an hour – particularly at night – have both an amazing time of prayer, and receive the gratitude of all those organising! Click on the link above to go to our dedicated sign-up page, or CLICK HERE.