Holy Trinity Preschool, Belle Vue

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Holy Trinity Preschool is open Monday to Friday 8.45am to 3pm during term time. The preschool has sole use of the rooms at the back of church and can be found by following the path called School Lane around the left side of the church, through the attractive preschool garden and in by the side door. Our Preschool Manager Shirley Corfield and all of the staff will be happy to welcome you and your family.

We offer a warm, caring, safe and stimulating OFSTED registered environment where all children have equal opportunity to reach their full potential. All areas of the curriculum are provided using the children’s own likes and interests, ensuring their emotional, physical, educational and social needs are nurtured and met whilst learning through play. Sessions run 8.45-11.30am and 12.30-3pm with an hour lunch club in between.
If you would like any more information please contact Holy Trinity Preschool on 01743 241195 during term time or by e-mail to htbvpreschool@outlook.com.

A letter from Shirley (Pre-School Manager)

We welcome you to Holy Trinity Preschool (formerly ‘Playgroup’) established for 30 years. It is a not-for-profit organisation, run by qualified staff and part of Holy Trinity Church Belle Vue.

Our faith, qualifications and experience means we offer daycare and sessional care in an environment where we can encourage what is important to you and your child. Whilst you as parents are the primary role models in your children’s lives, we also wish to support you in this role. We wish for them to feel happy, confident and secure, to be sociable, kind and caring to others, to be independent with a clear sense of right and wrong, be eager to learn and have lots of fun experiencing Jesus’ love in action.
​We are situated close to the town centre in the community of Belle Vue, near to Coleham Primary school. We offer a stimulating outdoor area for every child to access each session as we believe outdoor experiences are as important to children as indoor.
​Each child is allocated a Key Person who will liaise with you and record your child’s development but all our staff are eager to welcome you and discuss your child’s interests and achievements.
​Although we are a Christian based group, all children and their families are welcome at Holy Trinity regardless of their faith and culture.  Everybody here, adults and children, welcomes you into our friendly group.

Meet the Staff

Shirley Corfield

Pre-school manager
Shirley Corfield is manager of Holy Trinity Preschool. She has been an important part of the Preschool since its formation in 1993, and was the deputy leader in her previous role. A highlight of her involvement in early years education was graduating with a BA (Hons) in Early Years Leadership. Shirley is a member of the Holy Trinity congregation and sees her Christian faith as an integral part of her work in the Preschool. Shirley can be contacted on htbvpreschool@outlook.com or 01743 241195.

Sheila Pilsbury

Toddler Group leader
Sheila Pillsbury leads our Toddler Group and also works with the children and staff of the preschool.


Team member


Team member


Team member

Samantha Burke

Business Assistant
Samantha Burke has been part of the Holy Trinity team since January 2020. She works in the office, and cooks the delicious hot meals for all the children and staff every Wednesday lunchtime. She also works with the children when additional staff are required. She was a stay-at-home mum for 3 children after a change of career, and her youngest son came to Holy Trinity Preschool in 2019. Samantha can be contacted on htbvpreschool@outlook.com or 01743 241195.

Anna Parry

Anna Parry has worked at the Preschool since January 2019. She deals with funding applications, enquiries and general office admin. She worked in administration after leaving full-time education, and then later qualified as a Primary School teacher. Anna also works in a local primary school part-time. She has two preschool-aged children and enjoys family trips to the park and being out and about together. Anna can be contacted on htbvpreschool@outlook.com or 01743 241195.

Reg Harper

Finance Officer
Reg Harper is our Financial Officer and works flexible hours, largely from home. He deals with invoices and general finance issues. He can be contacted on htbvpreschoolfinance@outlook.com

Jennie Otter

Parent Representative
Jennie Otter is blessed with the position of parent rep for Holy Trinity Preschool. Jennie, a once primary school teacher with a love for the early years, is currently a stay-at-home mum for her two young girls aged 2 and 4. Both of Jennie’s children have started their learning journey at Holy Trinity Preschool and have loved every moment. Jennie and her girls love to be outside – especially places with streams!  Jennie can be contacted on htbvparentrep@outlook.com

Fi Iddon

Management Committee Chairperson
Fi Iddon is part of the team from Trinity Churches currently offering ministry support to Holy Trinity Belle Vue.  As a former Preschool mum, she is delighted to have the privilege of chairing the Management Committee.  Both her children (now at secondary school) loved and thrived at preschool, and it was the best early years foundation she could have imagined for them.  Fi loves coming to preschool, usually on a Tuesday morning, and being with the children and wonderful staff is invariably a real highlight of each week.

Aims and ethos

The ethos of Holy Trinity Preschool is our motivation for all our work. It is to work together to extend Jesus’ model of the Kingdom of God on earth by living out a lifestyle of love, truth, justice, mercy and forgiveness, according to his teaching. We are inspired by his message, life and example through which God’s unconditional love for all people is expressed.

Our ethos is given life through our relationships. The way we work together and behave with one another and those we seek to serve demonstrate and authenticate our ethos. It is through these relationships, with each other and those whom we seek to serve, that we practice our ethos.
Our ethos or motivation, and therefore our relationships, are rooted in our faith in Jesus Christ and in his love, which compels us to serve others. This faith directs and influences both our internal relationships as well as our work with those whom Holy Trinity Preschool is seeking to serve. Our activities are an outworking of our faith. The link between who we are and what we do cannot be broken


All children between the age of three and their first term in Year One at school are classified as being at the ‘Foundation Stage’, thus this is a period usually covering not only their time at Holy Trinity Preschool, but also the Reception Class in Primary School.  The development categories are 0-3 years, 3 and 4 years, and Reception.

​Dependent on the number of sessions a week your child attends, they will be covering some or all of the government Early Years Foundation Stage Outcomes, which consist of the following learning areas:
​The Three Prime Areas for Learning: 
  1. Personal, Social and Emotional Development. These goals focus upon a child learning to work, play, co-operate with others and function in a group beyond the family.  They cover important areas of personal, social, moral and spiritual development, including the development of personal values and an understanding of self and others.
  2. Communication and Language. These goals cover important aspects of language and development.  Children must be helped to acquire competence in English as soon as possible, making use, where appropriate, of their developing competence in talking and listening.
  3. Physical Development. These goals focus upon children’s developing physical control, mobility, awareness of space and manipulative skills in indoor and outdoor environments.  They include establishing positive attitudes towards a healthy, active way of life.
​The Four Specific Areas of Learning:
  1. Understanding The World. These goals focus upon children’s developing knowledge and understanding of their environment, other people and features of the natural and man-made world.  They provide a foundation for historical, geographic, scientific and technological learning.
  2. Mathematics. These outcomes cover important aspects of mathematical understanding and provide the foundation for numeracy.  They focus on achievement through practical activities, and on using and understanding language in the development of simple mathematical ideas.
  3. Literacy. These goals focus upon children’s learning and competence in being read to and beginning to read and write and these skills must be supported and extended.
  4. Expressive Arts & Design. These goals focus on the development of children’s imagination and the ability to communicate and to express ideas and feelings in creative ways.

Local offer

At Holy Trinity Preschool we welcome all children and endeavour to ensure that appropriate provision is made to cater for their needs, providing an ‘enabling’ environment.

  • All children with SEND play a full part in the daily life of the setting and are encouraged to join in all activities.
  • The entrance is ramped and wheelchair users can access the main classrooms and toilet for the disabled.
  • Parents will always be kept informed of any additional or different provision being given and invited to contribute to and attend any review meetings about their child.
  • Children who make slower progress will be given carefully differentiated learning opportunities to help them progress with regular and frequent careful monitoring of their progress, which will involve the parents/carers and children in working in partnership with the setting.
  • All children will receive a broad and balanced curriculum, relevant to the needs of the individual.  Access to the curriculum is therefore facilitated by whatever means necessary to ensure that success is achieved.
  • We aim to recognise strengths as well as weaknesses and try to involve all children in the activities of the setting.
  • We endeavour to give the appropriate enrichment programme to extend the more-able and gifted children in our care.
Early identification assessment and intervention are recognised as the key to meeting the needs of the individual child.
  • I like the friendly atmosphere, the experienced and kind staff, and the physical outside space that you have for the children.

  • Thank you for creating a fun, safe and happy place for my daughter. Thank you for supporting her to grow and flourish.

  • This preschool is an extension home. I like the friendly staff, the calm and caring manner everyone is addressed in, the variety of activities ... and the patience of the staff.

  • The outdoor space is incredible and so inspiring. My boys loved the freedom to be outside all day and I love that all ages play and explore together.

  • There are excellent relationships between children and staff, and staff and parents. Children are very independent in this setting and are given ownership over their learning.

  • The staff are all amazing, the children learn through play and are nurtured in the loveliest way. I can thoroughly recommend the setting to everyone; it’s a very special place.

  • This is a very special setting which I hope will be around for generations to come.

  • I like playing on the rope swing and the balance bikes. I like singing songs and playing with the toys like the castle and the stickle bricks.

  • Thank you for making learning so much fun and for broadening my child’s experiences.

  • Together you have created a very special place where children can explore and be inspired while feeling safe, nurtured and loved. It’s rare what you have!