John Crum’s funeral

John Crum's funeral

You’ll have heard that John Crum died a couple of weeks ago. John has been an amazing member of our church family, bringing gifts and love in so many different ways to the life of the Church. He died in Maesbrook Care Home, where he had been for a few weeks, and I’m so pleased to have had the opportunity to pray with him the morning he died.

John’s funeral will be taking place on Tuesday 19th May at 3.30pm. Obviously it will be limited to ten people being present at the Crematorium. But we would very much like John’s church family to be present, and to honour his life. You’ll find below details of how to join in online. Please do join us, be praying for John’s family, and for one another as we grieve the inevitable loss that John’s death will be to so many of us.

We’ll have future opportunities for a service of remembering for John’s life. From bell-ringing to light-switching-on, hymn numbers to swiss roll, we’ll be finding different ways of honouring his life with us.