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There are a large number of people, places and activities which make up Trinity Churches. Sundays, midweek activities, young and old alike, there really is something for everyone…

Ascension Day - Trinity News

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21 May 2020

Ascension Day – Trinity News

I wonder how you are with church celebrations?  We know how to celebrate Christmas, even if we bury it under a thousand distractions. We know how to celebrate Easter, although it is often accompanied by...


The Glebe field - update
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The Glebe field – update

We were really pleased to share the latest ideas about the use of the Meole Brace Glebe field in our Advent Sunday service on 1st December. This follows a period of community consultation earlier in...

01 Dec 2019
Christmas Services now online
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Christmas Services now online

We’ve now put up most of our Christmas services and events online. From carols to cafes, christmas dinners to more carols, carols to carlights, we very much hope that there’s something for everyone. As our...

28 Nov 2019