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There are a large number of people, places and activities which make up Trinity Churches. Sundays, midweek activities, young and old alike, there really is something for everyone…

Ascension Day - Trinity News

By / News/ Staff Team
21 May 2020

Ascension Day – Trinity News

I wonder how you are with church celebrations?  We know how to celebrate Christmas, even if we bury it under a thousand distractions. We know how to celebrate Easter, although it is often accompanied by...


in The Trinity Centre


“I think I’d like that hymn at my funeral!” Grandma’s voice suddenly seemed to pierce the air, as the family sat playing Rummikub in front of Songs of Praise.  No-one seemed to know what to...

12 Dec 2013
Ringing out...
in Children and Youth

Ringing out…

After a break of at least twenty years, Holy Trinity is planning to start regular bell ringing again. The church has a peal of eight bells, the oldest dating back to 1641, and whilst they...

18 Sep 2013
Welcome to Gordon Lamb
in Staff Team

Welcome to Gordon Lamb

Over a hundred people packed in to a local pub on Sunday 8 September to welcome Gordon Lamb to the team at Trinity Churches. The service to welcome Gordon Lamb to the parish was held...

08 Sep 2013