Lent 2018 and the journey of prayer

Lent 2018 and the journey of prayer

A vicar friend of mine used to say “why is that our busiest two times of year both involve donkeys.” By that, I mean Christmas, and Easter!

As we journey from one to the other, it feels like we’ve only just put the Christmas decorations up in the loft, and we’re already beginning to think about all things Easter. 40 days – plus Sundays – to go.  Anyone ready?

Lent can be an amazing time to be doing just that. I don’t think it’s only about “giving up”, or looking particularly pious or miserable all the time. But it can be a really great opportunity to deepen our discipleship.

40 messages of love

A daily email to reflect on a particular theme of “love” in the Bible. Written by 40 different people from across the parish, each day you’ll be sent some words, a picture, a video – or something equally creative. Find out more.


Sunday Services. 

In the morning services in particular we’re going to be looking at prayer, using some really great material called “The Prayer course.” It takes six aspects of prayer – adoration, petition, intercession, perseverance, listening and warfare – and reflects deeper on each one. We’ll be focussing on one of these big themes each week, and allowing not just the sermon but the rest of the service to reflect that theme. You can watch all the videos of the course on the Prayer Course Website.


Small groups. 

A good number of the small groups will also be looking at the life of prayer. Some will use the small group resources which go with “The Prayer Course.” Others will use other material, or simply make room within the group itself to pray meaningfully. If you’re not in a group then can we issue our usual encouragement to give one a go.

Lent Prayer Guides.

I’m really pleased that around 25 people have taken the step to deepen their prayer life over Lent 2018. Meeting each week with a prayer guide, there will be opportunities for them to take steps of faith, to experience different ways of praying, and to discover for themselves more of this amazing journey with God.


Look out for more info about prayer in Holy Week and leading up to Easter itself.



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