Lent is coming – Introducing Growth Groups

Lent is coming - Introducing Growth Groups

Alongside talk of giving up chocolate and various other apparent vices, Lent can also be a time for taking on disciplines which help us to live for Jesus more fruitfully. This Lent we’re offering an opportunity to be part of a “Growth Group”.

The purpose of these groups is mutual encouragement: a kind of cheering on in our walk with God, recognising the realities of life as it really is! The groups are deliberately small (3 or 4 people) to give members the chance to explore these realities more fully. The idea is to meet once a week over the five weeks of Lent before Holy Week (basically March plus the first week of April). The group could be a family or a group of friends or homegroup members.

If you are interested in joining such a group and don’t have one ready-made, we are collecting names so that you can be linked with others who would like to do this. The arrangements for the meetings are made by the group members.

The meetings are not Bible studies, nor a time to give each other advice. They are a chance to give each other the ‘gift of listening’. This may seem surprisingly simple, but people who have tried this have found it amazingly helpful. We know that God is interested in us, accepts us as we are and works from there; it is good when we do that too!

There will be guidance given for the groups, so there is no requirement for anyone to lead or teach, though it does help if someone can be appointed ‘timekeeper’ for each meeting.

To find out more, ask Charles Ruxton or any of the staff team. To receive the guidance, or to be linked with others who would like to do this, give a name and contact to the church office (01743 362399).

Click here to download Growth Group resource

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