Funerals at Meole Brace Church

Walking with you each step of the way

The death of someone we love is never easy. As your local Church in Meole Brace and Radbrook Green it is a huge privilege to walk with you through one of life’s most difficult times. From the moment you are in touch with us, throughout the process of planning a funeral service, and for as long as you need us afterwards, we are here for you.

Whether you prefer a service in Holy Trinity Church Meole Brace, or at the crematorium, we want to support you in the days leading up to the funeral. We work closely with all of the funeral directors in Shrewsbury, and enjoy a good working relationship with each of them as we serve families who are grieving.

Planning the Funeral

Whatever will help to make the funeral special – music, hymns, readings, tributes, even the type of coffin – can be part of a Church of England funeral. We have considerable experience of working with families, funeral directors and others in planning funerals, and we’re here for you. As you meet with your church minister, you will discuss the different elements of a funeral service.

After the Funeral

Each grief journey is unique, and affected by many things. As the days and weeks go by after the funeral, the church will also be there for you as you walk this journey of grief. We can offer to do this in a variety of ways. From a ‘listening ear’ to opportunities to meet up socially, the door is very much open to keep walking the journey of grief together.

Continuing to Remember

We also host a memorial service at Holy Trinity twice each year, and invite family members and friends of those whose funerals have taken place in the last twelve months.  Alongside that we also offer a beautiful memorial garden where ashes can be buried, as well as a memorial book which can provide a lasting written memorial of those who have died.

The Gift of Hope

When someone dies, it often prompts us to reflect on our own lives, and where we are on the journey of life with God. The Christian message – even at a funeral – is one of hope. Although there is sadness because someone you know and love has died, Christians believe that death does not have the last word, but God’s gift is eternal life to those who walk with Jesus. One of the best known verses in the Bible – and often read at funerals – is John 3:16. “God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” The Church has always proclaimed this message: it is a message of hope for us all, and one that can transform the way we live, both in this life and for all eternity. If this is something you’d like to talk about some more, we would be very pleased to help.

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