Getting married at Meole Church

Celebrating your big day with us

If you are planning to get married come and talk to us about a church wedding! As well as a beautiful church building we also have a fantastic venue on site for your reception in the Trinity Centre. We are so glad that you’re considering sharing your big day with us.

The first step is to contact us to make an appointment to meet a member of the staff team, often at our office hour on Monday evenings. At that meeting we will discuss your options and talk together about whether it is possible – legally and practically – for you to get married at Holy Trinity Church.

What happens next?

If you decide to go ahead, we will::

  • Invite you to a special service and reception in January in the year you are getting maried where you can meet everyone who will be involved in your service.
  • Give you a detailed wedding pack to help you plan your big day.
  • Offer opportunities to plan not just an amazing church wedding, but to think about the even more important things about what makes a great lifelong marriage.
  • Commit to pray for you as a couple as you prepare for this great adventure!
  • Help you in whatever other  way we can to plan your big day.

What will it all cost?

That very much depends on what you decide to do at the service.  There are certain statutory and other fees that will apply to all weddings and, in addition, extra costs for things like bells, flowers, music etc.  Please discuss what you would like with us and we would be happy to calculate and discuss the cost with you.

What about a reception in the Trinity Centre ?

Contact us to see if the venue is free and then we can discuss what you would like and the likely costs (which may well be considerably less than some venues!)  We have considerable experience of hosting celebrations and would love to welcome you and your guests.

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