Alpha Course – Life’s Big Adventure

Alpha Course - Life's Big Adventure

Alpha is BACK! We are so excited to be offering Alpha Online starting on Tuesday 13th October 7.30pm on Zoom. Will you join us? Who could you invite to come along with you? Get praying and get inviting!

There has never been a more important time for us as a local church to be inviting people to explore faith. COVID has raised all sorts of questions about what is important, how to cope with anxiety and stress, as well as big life questions around life and purpose.

What is Alpha?

Our amazing Pioneer Ministers Keith and Amal Moore will be hosting the course – meeting on Zoom each week. We’ll kick off at 7.30pm and finish by 8.45pm. Each evening will feature a chance to chat and do life together, some short input about a particular theme, and then plenty of time for smaller group discussions.


If you’re still not sure whether to invite someone take a look at these testimonies of those who took the plunge and went on Alpha Online:

On week two I stayed behind after the Zoom call and my leaders led me through the prayer and I gave my life to Christ. I’ve not been the same since! I came off the Zoom call full of joy and ecstatic! I told my wife and I went through the same prayer and she gave her life to Christ!
– Sam


I’m not worried about my career, my finances, my goals, I’m more loving towards myself and other people. I can be confident in myself and know that everything is going to be OK and that the Holy Spirit is there with me every day.
– Eddie