Cost of Living Fund

Supporting individuals, households and projects

Times are tough for many at the moment. At Trinity we know we can’t do everything or help everyone. But, flowing out of God’s generosity to us, we want to offer what we can.

Are you in particular need? Or do you know someone who might benefit from practical help or limited financial support? Alongside other Shropshire organisations we want to be able to offer help and support where we can. We have a “Cost of Living” fund to support individuals, families and specific projects at church and across the local community. 

Potential recipients of support from the “cost of living fund” will usually fit into one or more of the following categories:

  • Resident in the ecclesiastical parish of Meole Brace
  • Currently or formerly on the electoral roll of the parish of Meole Brace
  • Part of the worshipping community (Sunday, midweek, Messy etc) of the parish
  • Regularly associated with an area of our ministry and mission at Trinity Churches, eg Café Connect, Meet Place ministries, toddler groups, schools work, Trinity Centre

We will usually seek to be meeting a short-term or interim financial need where there is apparently no other means of support. It is impossible to be comprehensive here, but this might include:

  • Groceries
  • utilities (electricity, water, gas, council tax)
  • accommodation
  • transportation to/from employment
  • ad hoc expenses for school (not fees)
  • funeral expenses.


Needs that would normally not be met include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Needs connected to breaking the law (paying fines) or late payments
  • business support/debts
  • gambling debts


We would not, under normal circumstances, consider repeated applications from the same household.

Approaches to a member of the Panel may be made by church members on their own behalf or on behalf of others, with appropriate permission. Approaches from the wider community can also be referred to any Panel member.

The Panel member will then complete a confidential “Trinity Churches Cost of Living Fund” form for review with at least one other Panel member. People in need will generally NOT be asked to complete any paperwork themselves. Forms and any accompanying documentation will be kept securely. The Panel member will look to consult the rest of the Panel within a week, both to inform them of the request and situation, as well as decide if further information is needed. Decisions will be made by a minimum of two Panel members once it is agreed that there is sufficient information to weight against the ‘eligible needs’ criteria outlined above.

  • For one-off needs under £150, two Panel members can sign off with the shorter application form.
  • For needs between £150 and £400, three panel members would need to be consulted and agree. Additional simple questions should be asked to seek further information about monthly income (salary/benefits) and regular outgoings (energy, council tax, rent or mortgage) so as to establish if there are any long-term issues..
  • In the unusual event of a grant of more than £400 being offered all panel members should be consulted and agree before a final decision is made.

The Panel will look to be non-judgmental, but may seek to refer applicants to other forms of support, eg Shropshire Council web directory (,  Barnabas Food Bank, Community Money Advice at Barnabas etc.

In the majority of cases cash grants will not be made. Instead, depending on the need, there may be supermarket vouchers provided, or direct payment of an invoice made via BACS. No payments will be made from the panel members’ own money.

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