Service of Remembering – 1st November, 3pm

Service of Remembering - 1st November, 3pm

memorial-service-etiquette-mainHow shall I remember thee?

How do we remember those who once were close to us, but now have died? Is it in the sound of a key in the door? – Or being alone in a place that once was shared? – Or on hearing a particular piece of music?

Each memory has the potential to move us, maybe in gratitude, or in sorrow, or in longing that things once were different. The path of grief is erratic: sometimes a great sadness envelopes us; sometimes there are lighter, even humorous moments. But remember we must, for memories are part of what makes us who we are.

At Holy Trinity, we would like to offer you two opportunities to remember:

On Sunday, 1st November at 3pm we shall be holding a Service of Remembering in Church.

During this reflective service of music and prayers, we shall read out the names of those whose funerals we have taken in the parish, together with other names given to us. There will also be the opportunity to light a candle in memory of someone who has died.

If you would like the name of one who was dear to you, but now has died, to be read out, please contact Isabel in the church office. You may find this particularly helpful, if the funeral has been held elsewhere.

We also have a Memorial Book in Church. Here, names of the deceased whose services have been held in church, or whose ashes are interred in the Garden of Remembrance, are recorded, together with a brief tribute. (There is a fee to cover costs for this.) Again, contact Isabel in the church office.

Do come on Sunday 1st November at 3pm – and, if appropriate, consider bringing a grieving friend or neighbour.

Valerie Pitt