Morning Services in the Summer The Big Ten – Ten Passages that Say it all

Morning Services in the Summer The Big Ten – Ten Passages that Say it all

We tend to read the Bible in puzzling, bite-sized chunks; a few verses ‘here’, a chapter ‘there’, withoutten-john-pritchard-book-main_article_image always getting the whole picture of what is going on. What we miss is the “Big story”, the overarching narrative into which each part fits.

Over the summer months in the morning service we’re going to be looking at “The Big Ten.” Based on some writing from John’s Pritchard’s excellent book “Ten – Why Christianity Makes Sense”, we’ll be seeking to see the whole sweep of the biblical story.

As we do that, we’ll be seeing how “friendship” jumps out as a golden thread that holds the whole story together. Friendship formed with God when it all began, and that friendship broken. Seeing the ten commandments as wisdom for how to live as friends, and then the Old Testament’s longing for friendship restored.

Enter Jesus – the offer of friendship – and the life of the disciples, living in the most vital of ways what friendship with God can really be like. Then towards the end of the series we see the cross and resurrection, of friends made new, and of the hope of heaven where friendship with God will be ever true.

Don’t forget, the audio of talks from Holy Trinity and now from Christ the King are available here. At a time of year when people often are missing from church for a few Sundays, please do ‘catch up’ on this amazing story of scripture, and allow God’s big story to become your story more fully.

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