New Year – Renew Year

New Year - Renew Year

At the start of a new year we often want to change things in our lives. Some of you have taken that challenge head on already by attending the Resolve course on Wednesday evenings that looks at practical ways in which we can keep going with our resolutions.

Have you made resolutions to get closer to God this year? Or to pray more, read your Bible daily?

Want to renew your spiritual life in 2020? Then look no further than this new resource for spring! This prayer resource gives you some Bible readings and some useful prayer pointers from across the parish to help you pray more specifically for ministries and those in need in the local community. Download a copy by clicking on the button below or pick one up at the back of church.

Stick it on your fridge, ask a friend to join you so you can help each other along, or use it as a family. Let’s all make the decision to renew our spiritual lives in this new season.

Spring Prayer Resource

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