Peter Hubbard’s Extended Study Leave

Peter Hubbard's Extended Study Leave

DSC_0420Peter Hubbard, the Minister at CTK, will be beginning his extended study leave in a few days time. Here he writes to CTK and explains something of what he is going to be doing…

As you know, I am soon to be having my Extended Study Leave (ESL), sometimes known as a Sabbatical. It is a wonderful privilege to have this type of leave, and for me personally it has taken quite a period of negotiation to have agreed both with the parish and with Prestfelde School that this is a ‘workable’ arrangement for all concerned! My ESL begins on Monday 6th June and stretches through until Monday 29th August, which is 12 weeks.

During my ESL, I will intentionally not be at church or at any church meetings so as to give me the time and the space to have time for rest, to study and to ‘recharge my spiritual batteries’!  Debbie and the girls will be coming to CTK when they can, but their attendance is likely to be lower than usual too, as we are away for quite a few Sundays over the summer.

Quite a few of you have (and quite rightly so!) asked me what I will be doing during my ESL. The focus of my thinking, reading and praying will be in the area of how we can ‘do church’ and ‘be church’ more effectively in Radbrook Green, along the lines of what are sometimes called ‘missional communities’ or ‘mission shaped communities’ (MSCs). I know a little about how these MSCs work, but I’m hoping to learn a lot more through my reading and through talking to people who are involved in leading ‘missional communities’ in different contexts around the country. I hope to visit some MSCs ‘on the ground’ and to gain a wider and better
picture of what some of the elements are that are needed for effective MSCs. In the longer term, I hope to then be able to apply some of this learning to our context here at in Radbrook Green and more widely across Trinity Churches.

In my absence, the leadership of the church will be in the very capable hands of the church wardens and the DCC, and Phil Cansdale as Vicar will have oversight during my sabbatical. If, during my absence, you have any concerns, whether pastoral or otherwise, please in the first instance talk to Judith Drury or Michael Honychurch, or indeed contact Phil or the church office.

CHRIST-THE-KING-revI will be praying for you during my ESL, and I will covet your prayers too! I pray that God will keep building us up into a church community that is indeed ‘living for Jesus, loving one another and setting a table for the world.’


May God bless you richly,


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