Weekly dial-a-church is back

Weekly dial-a-church is back

These last few months have seen us trying out various ways of doing and being church online, as many of us have been becoming Facebook experts and “Zoom ninjas”. But now – particularly for those without access to all the latest gadgets – we are pleased to say that our weekly “dial-a-service” is back for those who want to pick up the phone.

We are recording the weekly phone church from our Saturday evening “six o’clock live”, our daily early evening gathering when we meet to pray, hear scripture, reflect and enjoy worshipping together. Saturday evening’s will include a song or two, a reading from the Bible and a reflection, and some prayers. For those on Facebook they’ll get sight and sound, and for those listening in the days after with dial-a-service will get the audio only via a local-rate phone number. The number to phone is 01743 298249.

We’re also recommending “DAILY HOPE” which is the Church of England’s free phone line with reflections, hymns and prayers. You can access that on 0800 804 8044.




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