Prayer spaces in school

Prayer spaces in school

I hope you had chance to look at the Triptych, Loving, Hurting, Dreaming that was in church in October.

We were lucky enough to be able to set it up and use it in Meole Brace Primary School over our three day Prayer Space. Each class came in for an hour and we looked at and talked about the pictures followed by an activity to help us think through what they might mean.

  • In the loving activity we had circles of scratch art paper and the children drew circles to imitate the rings on a tree trunk. As the colours shone through, they thought about all the different sorts of love there are including God’s unconditional love for them.
  • The hurting tree gave an opportunity to talk about how the words and actions we use can make a difference, either causing hurt and disappointment or be an encouragement and bring happiness to people.
  • The dreaming picture gave the children chance to explore their hopes and dreams for the future. We were so impressed with the way the children articulated their feelings and the depth of meaning they got from the pictures.

It was a very interesting and profound three days and we are so grateful to the school for giving us permission to use their space to do this.

You can see the artwork ‘in action’ in another school on this video below.

Judith Clarkson (Childrens Minister)


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