Reading and Wrestling with the Bible

Reading and Wrestling with the Bible

Over recent months a small group of us have been “Reading and Wrestling with the Bible.”

One of the things we’ve been encouraging people to do is to get into the Bible, with the help of website links, blogs and articles, videos etc.

However – if we’re honest – there are times when reading the Bible seems difficult.

• In what sense is this ancient writing authoritative as we live our lives today?
• What are we to make of some of the tough passages and apparent contradictions?
• Does the way in which we read the Bible need transforming and renewing?

As we continue having a conversation around these important areas, here are some of the resources we’re building up to help continue the conversation. Firstly some files to get you thinking and resources to get you reflecting. And secondly some great video resources which we’ll be using over the next few months as we continue the conversation.

Want to find your voice? Our next evening – hosted by Phil Cansdale and Gareth Evans – is on Thursday 25th June, 745pm – 9.15pm in the Trinity Centre. We’ll be looking in particular at how to read the Old Testament. Come and join the conversation, we’d love to see you.

Resources to get you started

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Videos to get you thinking

Talk 3One of the video resources we’ve come across is a series of conversations looking at different aspects of this debate.

 1. Does the Bible contain errors? (Steve Chalke and Andrew Wilson) (watched March 2015) 

2. Did they mishear God in the Old Testament? (Steve Chalke and Andrew Wilson)

3. Did God punish Jesus in our place?  (Steve Chalke and Andrew Wilson)

4. Are same-sex relationships allowed? (Steve Chalke and Andrew Wilson)

5. Have we made an idol of the Bible? (Brian McLaren and Andrew Wilson)

6 Have we misread the Bible? (Brian McLaren and Andrew Wilson)

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