Reflecting on the Referendum

Reflecting on the Referendum

referendum prayerThey say a week is a long time in politics. Well, it’s been quite a week hasn’t it.

We woke up last Friday morning to the biggest decision in British politics for a generation. Whether you’re “one of the 52 or one of the 48”, what’s clear is that the political shockwaves of the Euro Referendum will continue these next days, weeks and months.

I’m so pleased that we were able to get together to pray, to listen, and to hear something of God’s perspective on this as we met together on Sunday. We had agreed the readings a couple of months ago, and in a lovely way both morning and evening passages – from Luke and then from Daniel – spoke about something of God’s perspective when the empires of the world are changing. Do have a listen on the “sermons” page to reflect some more.

Meanwhile the Bishops of the Diocese of Lichfield have posted a ‘pastoral letter’ in the light of the vote which you might find helpful reading. You can read it here.


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