A season of remembering

31st October to 14th November 2021

We are hosting a special service of Remembering on Sunday 31st October, 3pm to 3.45pm.

We are specifically inviting friends and families of those who have died recently to join us for this service. At the service we will read out a list of names of those who have died, and find appropriate ways to remember them together in prayer.

There are two main ways for you to join in:

Firstly you can join us IN PERSON. We are inviting family and friends to come to Holy Trinity Church Meole Brace for the 3pm service.

Secondly you can join us ONLINE. We will be making the service available ‘live’ via this web page, so if you are unable to join us then we very much hope you’ll consider joining us online for this service. If you would like to ensure a particular name(s) is included in the list of remembering – whether their death was recent or a long time ago – then please let us know by clicking the button on this page. Do please make these details available to any family and friends who might also like to join us. We will also make the service available for a fortnight afterwards.

This service is part of a season of remembering over the fortnight from 31st October to 14th November, as we hold before God those loved by us who have died, the many other losses which we are all living with at the moment, as well as the sad losses of war which are highlighted by Remembrance Sunday. This will include a pebble installation in the churchyard with people’s names on as part of our remembering together.

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