Rhythms of Grace – Lent 2017

Rhythms of Grace - Lent 2017
We’re nearly a fortnight into Lent now, and it’s been great to be spending some time on Sundays and midweek looking at the “Rhythms of Grace” again. The vicar has even coined a new word, “transf-imitation”, which is that dynamic of God transforming us as we imitate him.

There are a wealth of resources available which we’ve built up over the years. Dave Bruce’s work in 2014 – including the Discipleship MOT – is still available online. And this year Charles Ruxton has written some really excellent material on “Growth Groups”, and also to accompany the five rhythms of grace.

You can download the new material by clicking on the links below, or access the whole range of resources…

2017 Spiritual Growth Groups 2017 Rhythms of Grace resources by Charles Ruxton Download the latest daily prayer and Bible reading sheet [outofthebox dir=”/Worship Resources/Rhythms of Grace” mode=”files” ]

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